Oral hygiene and diabetes, connected?


Oral hygiene is important. Not only because of the different oral diseases that may arise, but also that of diseases that are not “oral” in nature but are connected with oral hygiene such as diabetes.

Yes, diabetes is in fact linked with oral hygiene according to the latest report in Current Medical Research and Opinion, a UK medical journal. This was confirmed by an American periodontist, Dr. Ray Williams, stating that dentists and physicians need to collaborate more on their findings to determine the connection of oral hygiene and diabetes. It is said that orienting the people about the do’s and don’ts of maintaining good oral hygiene can lead to a lot of health benefits.

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The other side of aspirin.


Obesity is a common problem in most Americans today. With the wide variety of unhealthy food choices and the urge to binge on them, chances of getting obese is indeed high. This “size” problem is mostly associated with insulin resistance, thus, making the obese more susceptible of having type II diabetes. There is, however, an aspirin like drug that has been proven to help the obese fight type II diabetes. This aspirin like tablets, also known as salicylates, can help the obese produce more and more insulin for their bodies. The drug is also known for reducing the glucose levels of the blood of those who have diabetes.

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Stop the Craving Now


Love for food is a gift that we should enjoy, however, too much of a good thing is a bad and the saying one is enough, two is too much are just few of the fact phrases we have to face. This is applicable for people who are suffering from diabetes and for people who do not know that bad eating habits will lead to diabetes.

The best thing that anyone with diabetes could do is to prevent future damage. Start a clean and healthy eating habits. One way you can do this is by cleaning your cabinets and fridge by replacing foods with good food. Avoid stress that may cause you to binge your heart out. Exercise also plays a crucial role as it helps produce endorphins which eventually suppress the food craving or the appetite. Eat at least 4-6 times a day but in small portions to help you stop your craving. Finally, do not starve yourself by not eating enough. One cause of craving is not eating enough calories which leads you to eat more.

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Preventing Diabetes in 3 Simple Steps


Diabetes is a traitor sickness that kills millions yearly. Everyone is at risk of getting this disease. It can either be hereditary or from the kind of lifestyle you live. However, diabetes can be prevented depending on its severity. This can be done in 3 simple steps. First, exercise daily and engage in physical activities. This will help burn down the amount of carbohydrates you intake. It is also proven to lower down the blood sugar and make the body sensitive to insulin. Second, fiber intake should be maximized. This will help control the blood sugar level and get the heart to work properly. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans and seeds are a good source of fiber. It will also help to lose weight by making you feel full hence the need to eat more is eliminated. Lastly, eating foods made of whole grain is recommended. It helps to control the sugar levels and makes you crave less for more food.

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Fighting Diabetes


The way people have been taking care of themselves these days, it’s no wonder that there are millions of people around the world suffering from diabetes. People do not pay close attention to the food they consume and it’s one of the many factors that cause a person to have diabetes. But there are ways to put an end to this.

If people are just disciplined and know what the right food to eat and what not to, then diabetes can easily be avoided. First, one must have enough vitamins in their body. More importantly, Vitamin C. Go the natural way by fruits like oranges, strawberries and vegetables. Also fill up on antioxidants and spices like Cinnamon and Tumeric is perfect.

Good news for lovers of dairy products, researches have said that fermented products like cheese and yoghurt help reduce the risk of diabetes. If you are a fan of chocolates, go for the dark one. A bit of these delicious goodness will not just help reduce the risk of diabetes but also stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Just don’t overload on it. Eat in moderation.

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Diet Soda And Diabetes

Diabetes is always closely linked to any sugary food. It raises the risk of a person to get Type 2 diabetes. But guess what? So does the diet sodas available in the market which boasts of it being sugar-free. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition did a study involving more than 66,000 women whose drinking pattern were self reported over fourteen years. It is a well known fact that women are more likely to order/buy diet drinks. This is because more women are concerned with their weight. During the fourteen year period, 1,369 of the women were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This amount can be blamed on the artificially sweetened drinks / diet sodas. The study also showed that women consumed more diet – drinks than sugar sweetened ones. What is more surprising is that diet soda drinkers even have higher risk of getting type 2 diabetes than those who take regular soda. More of this study will be published for the public to see sometime soon.

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J&J Diabetes Drug

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical developed their diabetes drug called canagliflozin. This drug is said to treat type 2 diabetes. The company is pushing to have their drug to be approved for the market to be sold under the brand name of Invokana. Naturally before this happens, some tests needs to be done if the drug is safe for mass production.  FDA (Food and Drug Administration) released the documents of the studies they’ve done on Tuesday. It says that the diabetes drug though effective at lowering the a key measure of blood sugar, it is also said that there’s a potential stroke and risk of heart attack/heart related problems.

Diabetes affects over 370 million people around the world. More than half of these cases are type 2 diabetes. The need for a drug to help treat this disease is high and there are only a few pharmaceutical companies that come up with solutions. On Thursday, a meeting will be held to discuss if the drug will be approved for sales in the US.

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Get Informed


One big problem about diabetes is that not a lot of people are informed about it. Just in the United States there are about 79 million people who are at risk for this disease. Add to that the number of people from the rest of the world and its a really scary number. Currently, we live in a world wherein so many people have an unhealthy lifestyle and if one is not careful, it could be a risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Many who are diagnosed with diabetes don’t even get advice on the proper way of treating the disease!

This unfortunate situation can be changed though if people who are influential can get the information out to the public on how to prevent diabetes. This can be done through the internet. Internet is an incredibly powerful source of knowledge and is widely used by billions around the world. A simple research from people will help.


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Living a Life with Diabetes

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Caring for once health is very important especially those with diabetes. It may be overwhelming at first to learn to control it, but a few additional regimen can be rewarding. To controlling your blood sugar levels, keeping tabs on your sugar level will help you to prevent complications from your diabetes. Taking your medicine at the same time every day and drinking at least 64 ounces of water is important. A good and varied diet can make a difference in your health. To exercising regularly to prevent depression is another facet to maintaining good health. Sleeping well can make a difference in diabetes too. It will help decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease and other diseases.

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November for Diabetes


You probably didn’t know this, November is National Diabetes awareness month. Diabetes is a serious disease that should never be taken lightly. If diabetes isn’t detected or managed, it can damage various parts of the body, leading to heart disease, stroke, amputation, blindness, kidney failure and nerve damage. There is currently no clear cure for insulin but there are ways to make life a bit better. Funding for Diabetic education has been continuously made a project by people all over the world. This is very helpful. Researchers around the world are still trying to find a treatment but overall, for now what diabetics need to know is that a change to a healthy lifestyle is the best way to deal with it. Making sure you eat enough fruits and vegetables, regularly exercising, and getting rid of bad habits such as regular alcohol intake or smoking. With the latest technology and the constant funding for research, people are hopeful they will find a cure to this disease someday in the future.

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