J&J Diabetes Drug

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical developed their diabetes drug called canagliflozin. This drug is said to treat type 2 diabetes. The company is pushing to have their drug to be approved for the market to be sold under the brand name of Invokana. Naturally before this happens, some tests needs to be done if the drug is safe for mass production.  FDA (Food and Drug Administration) released the documents of the studies they’ve done on Tuesday. It says that the diabetes drug though effective at lowering the a key measure of blood sugar, it is also said that there’s a potential stroke and risk of heart attack/heart related problems.

Diabetes affects over 370 million people around the world. More than half of these cases are type 2 diabetes. The need for a drug to help treat this disease is high and there are only a few pharmaceutical companies that come up with solutions. On Thursday, a meeting will be held to discuss if the drug will be approved for sales in the US.