November for Diabetes


You probably didn’t know this, November is National Diabetes awareness month. Diabetes is a serious disease that should never be taken lightly. If diabetes isn’t detected or managed, it can damage various parts of the body, leading to heart disease, stroke, amputation, blindness, kidney failure and nerve damage. There is currently no clear cure for insulin but there are ways to make life a bit better. Funding for Diabetic education has been continuously made a project by people all over the world. This is very helpful. Researchers around the world are still trying to find a treatment but overall, for now what diabetics need to know is that a change to a healthy lifestyle is the best way to deal with it. Making sure you eat enough fruits and vegetables, regularly exercising, and getting rid of bad habits such as regular alcohol intake or smoking. With the latest technology and the constant funding for research, people are hopeful they will find a cure to this disease someday in the future.