Stop the Craving Now


Love for food is a gift that we should enjoy, however, too much of a good thing is a bad and the saying one is enough, two is too much are just few of the fact phrases we have to face. This is applicable for people who are suffering from diabetes and for people who do not know that bad eating habits will lead to diabetes.

The best thing that anyone with diabetes could do is to prevent future damage. Start a clean and healthy eating habits. One way you can do this is by cleaning your cabinets and fridge by replacing foods with good food. Avoid stress that may cause you to binge your heart out. Exercise also plays a crucial role as it helps produce endorphins which eventually suppress the food craving or the appetite. Eat at least 4-6 times a day but in small portions to help you stop your craving. Finally, do not starve yourself by not eating enough. One cause of craving is not eating enough calories which leads you to eat more.

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